The Accidental Yogini
The Accidental Yogini

Kristin is living a life that she had never imagined. Her career has taken a wonderful turn, she has found a true love, and her days are full of mindfulness and purpose through a yoga practice. But it wasn't always this way. There was a time when Kristin's life was defined by painful issues in her tissues, poor eating habits, and negative thought patterns. She seemed stuck in a loop of bad luck and low-level energy vibrations. When her family and friends suggested that they all go to a yoga class together, Kristin was more than hesitant. After all, nothing else had helped her so far so why would yoga be any different? Soon Kristin found herself on an unexpected journey of understanding and accepting the past, finding happiness in the present, regaining trust in the universe, and transforming into a person that hardly resembles her former self. Kristin, not unlike many others, is The Accidental Yogini.

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1985197545
ISBN-13: 978-1985197541


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