At 65 years old Tia Brooks has created a beautiful life for herself. As a well respected yoga teacher and author with many close friends and students, she now enjoys retirement with her husband. The pace of her life has slowed down and the wisdom of her years of spiritual practice keeps her looking and feeling young and centered. Tragedy strikes one day when a dear friend suddenly passes away. In her grief, Tia examines the relationship that they shared through memories of a friendship and sisterhood that spanned three decades. "Raven" is a timeless tale fo friendship, loss and acceptance. And as the raven symbolizes all things mystical, it beckons one to believe in the magik of life - in the now and the hereafter.

"Raven" is the third book in the Tia Brooks Trilogy following "Butterfly" and "Wolf."

Publisher:CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (March 10, 2014)
Language: English


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